Diagnostics Laboratory

KCH laboratory is one of the best in the country with high capacity to make available diagnosis to support service deliver. Equipped with modern equipment and human resource support from partners the lab is leading the way in laboratory services in the country

The KCH Laboratory is a multi – disciplinary laboratory that adheres to strict quality assurance programs and constantly monitors its operations to give fast, accurate and reliable results. Our modern state-of-the-art laboratory is run by a team of highly trained and a dedicated professional who gives results that are of international standard. This has reduced the need among Malawians to opt for costly and sometimes unreliable medical diagnostic services in the private laboratories. 

KCH laboratory is a World Health Organization (WHO) accredited as a National Reference laboratory for measles and rubella. Currently, KCH laboratory is participating in the WHO Afro-Strengthening Laboratory Management Toward Accreditation (SLMTA) program in preparation for international accreditation, initiated by the MOH.

Contact Us

The Hospital Director,

Kamuzu Central Hospital,

P.O. Box 149,

Lilongwe, Malawi

 Tel : +265 1 754 725/420

 Fax : +265 1 756 380

 Email :hospitaldirector@kch.gov.mw

 Website: http://www.kch.gov.mw

Emergency Medical Services Ambulance Toll Call: 181