KCH is a tertiary hospital whose core functions include research. The focus is to undertake operational research, improve research utilization, training and dissemination of research findings. Therefore, operational research need to be strengthened and carried out frequently to contribute to the quality of care at the institution, nationally and worldwide.
Functional operational research contributing to advancement of knowledge and quality tertiary health services delivery
  1. To Institutionalize operational research as a daily core function in the hospital
  2. To increase output of operational research in terms of publications
  3. To promote utilization of research evidence in leadership, management and practice


  • Researchers are required to pay research fee as follows:
    • PhD students MK30000
    • Masters degree students MK20000
    • Bachelors degree MK10000
    • Diploma MK3000
    • Organization/nonacademics conducting study <3months MK50000
    • Organization conducting study >3months MK100000 renewable on yearly basis
  • Only KCH employees, generic students from public institutions such as COM, KCN, MCHS and LUANAR dietetics are exempted


Childhood obesity and NCDs among children and mothers in Malawi. planning to do data collection in August -  October 2022
Yasudomi from Japan, postgraduate student  
The prevalence of depression among cancer patients attending Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe, Malawi

Chisomo Sandra Magaleta pursuing Bachelor of science in clinical medicine (Mental Health) at St John of God College of Health Sciences; Cell: 0881 883 830; Email:
Supervisor: Michael Chisimba Nyirenda, St John of God. Cell: 0991 497 864, Email:

Sentinel Surveillance for Adverse Events of Special Interest after Vaccination with COVID-19 Vaccines in Malawi - Version 1.1
It’s Global covid -19  vaccine safety surveillance study  spearheaded by MoH through EPI, MLWT, KuHes, Paath

Co-Principal Investigators:
1. Dr Atupele Kapito-Tembo, MBBS, MPH, PhD2
2. Dr Mike Chisema Dip EH, MBBS, MPH (Pending)1

Dr Yewo Nyondo, Ms. Thokozani Kamwendo and Dr. Joseph Gama are part of the co-researchers at KCH. Want to start data collection in August


All individuals and organizations conducting research at KCH must obtain approval from the KCH Research Committee and other relevant ethic committees prior to commencement of their study
  • All letters must be addressed to the hospital director
  • Researcher must submit one hard copy and soft copy of the following documents;
  • proposal
  • Letter seeking permission
  • Consent forms both English and Chichewa
  • data collection tools
  • Synopsis of the study
  • Receipt of the research fee
  • Support letter is issued to the researcher intending to conduct the study at KCH
  • Thereafter, ethical clearance is sought from registered research ethics committees such as NHSRC, COMREC
  • Concurrently proposal is circulated to all committee members for review
  • Researcher is requested to present the synopsis of study to the committee
  • Members scrutinize the work and useful feedback is given
  • Upon ethical clearance, approval is granted to proceed with data collection
  • Researcher is advised to meet the Head of department where data is to be undertaken to ease follow-up and support

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