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Kamuzu Central Hospital to have 12 new Dialysis Machines operational by Thursday 27th January 2022 Kamuzu Central Hospital will on Thursday start using the 12 new Dialysis Machines which has been installed at the referral hospital. The installation of the new machines is bringing hope to the patients who requires dialysis therapy as the facility had only 5 unreliable machines making it difficult to properly serve the 28 dialysis dependent patients that the facility is treating. The frequent breakdown of the old machines often puts the lives of patients at risk as they often miss their session. In some cases, the patients we referred to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital which is 310 kms away. The new machines will be able to cater for 12 patients per session and they can be able to care for up to 78 patients says Dr. Jonathan Ngoma, the Hospital Director. He also mentioned that there a number of improvements that are being done at the facility to ensure optimal care is being given to the patients and one the installation of the machine and refurbishment of the dialysis unit is one of them.

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