Kamuzu Central Hospital Pharmacy is situated in between the Eye and the Dental departments. The department is open every weekday from 7:30am to 4:30pm, whereas on weekends and public holidays it is open from 8:00am to 12noon. There are currently four registered Pharmacists, eight Pharmacy Technicians, six hospital attendants and two clerks. The Pharmacy currently requires at least: one Pharmacy Specialist; two Chief Pharmacists; two Principal Pharmacists; four Senior Pharmacists; six Clinical Pharmacists; six Pharmacists; five Senior Pharmacy Technicians; twelve Pharmacy Technicians; five clerks and twelve Hospital Attendants in order to provide optimal services.

The Kamuzu Central Hospital Pharmacy provides a range of services to a range of clients. The out-patients department caters for approximately 500 patients a day whereas the in-patients department provides drugs to a maximum 1200 patients hospital bed capacity. Specialized services provided include mixing of chemotherapy for Oncology patients on clinic days Tuesdays and Thursdays, however with the growing capacity of the oncology clinic, this will be taking place on a daily basis in the near future. Diabetic patients are provided for on Tuesdays and Hypertensive patients on Wednesdays, in conjunction with the clinic days in the Medicine Department. Procurement of drugs and hospital supplies was centralized in August 2013 and Central Medical Stores Trust is currently purchasing drugs on behalf of all Public Hospitals.

Currently, the Pharmacy department is working with Baobab Health Trust in order to implement Electronics Pharmaceutical Inventory Control System (ePICS). This system will work parallel to the paper-based system that Government facilities use. The electronic system will assist in providing much easier means of reporting drug consumption and stock status levels to other departments within the hospital, as well as to any interested parties who assist the hospital for example through drug donations.  


Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of Kamuzu Central Hospital Pharmacy is to ensure that all patients obtain the highest level of patient care through the timely provision of adequate drugs and medical supplies.

Pharmacy Medicines and Poisons Board is the regulatory authority that provides expertise and guidance on how all drug donations should be handled within the country. The drug donation guidelines can be viewed via this link… As much as the hospital benefits profoundly from drug donations, donated items are the main items that comprise of expired items at Kamuzu Central Hospital. Sometimes  the packaging is in a foreign language therefore medical personnel are unaware of what the inner contents are, or the items come with a short expiry date and cannot all be used before they expire. 


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Emergency Medical Services Ambulance Toll Call: 181