Services Offered and Schedule of Clinics

Services we offerYou can access care at KCH through the referral system which starts from health centres through district hospitals and finally to KCH, or you can come direct to access our accident and emergency department .if you are acutely ill or have an emergency you can access care in our emergency department without the need for a referral letter. Referred patients are supposed to come with a referral letter from a referring hospital. Paying patients see doctors through a booking system which is available on this website

Patients who are not referred and are not critically ill to warrant bypass of the referral system will pay a bypass fee of K1000 and will be seen at appropriate level of care through normal waiting times. 

Paying services

Currently KCH has paying services at OPD 1 where they offer general medical clinic, Antiretroviral Therapy {ART} Clinic, Ear, Nose and Throat {ENT} Clinic and surgical clinic. The other departments that offer the paying services are skin, eye and dental.

Accessing services at KCH

When you are referred to KCH or you have come straight to the hospital for the first time, you will report at the hospital registration office where you will be required to buy a health passport book. Your demographic details will be entered in an electronic patient information system and you passbook will be bar-coded. (Picture). Once you are registered you will be recognised by the system in any department of the hospital using barcode readers

You should proceed to the department where you are to access the service. If you cannot find your department contact

The following outpatient clinics run daily from 7.30am to 5.00 pm  Monday to Friday




General  medical OPD Clinic

General OPD Department


Skin OPD clinic

Skin Unit


Eye OPD clinic

Eye department


Dental clinic

Dental Department


Under-five clinic

Paediatric Department



Ethel Mutharika Maternity Wing


Gynae clinic

Ethel Mutharika Maternity Wing



Emergencies or critically ill patients

In line with its mandate to deal with emergencies and critically ill patients KCH runs the following clinics on a 24 Hr basis every day




Orthopedic emergency services

OPD department


Casualty emergency services

Casualty Department


Paediatric emergency services

Paediatrics department


Medical emergency services

Medical Short Stay


Maternity emergency services

Ethel Mutharika Maternity Wing


Gynaecology emergencies

Ethel Mutharika Maternity Wing


Sexual Assault

OPD department


Eye emergency services

Eye department


Dental Emergency

Dental Department



Admission and inpatient services

For patients who are very sick and need close supervision by our dedicated staff KCH provide inpatient care services starting with intensive care services, step-down intensive care called high dependence units and normal admission services for all disciplines available in the hospital. The hospital has a capacity of 5 ICU beds, 20 HDU beds and 1175 general patient beds giving a total of 1200 beds. When admitted you will be entered into our electronic admission discharge where you will be given a wristband containing your entire demographic details. Any patient admitted without the wristband will not be considered a normal admission

For paying patients there are twenty well furnished Single Room equipped with attendant couch, bed side cabinet, over bed table, Television, suction apparatus, flow meter, telephone facility, attached bathroom are also available for those who can afford.

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